60th Reunion

60th Class Reunion For 1957 BHS Classmates


Yes Yes Yes  -  We have established plans for our

60th BHS Class Reunion to be held in Blytheville

on May 26th and 27th - (Friday Night and Saturday Night).

Our planning group (Jimmy Wardlaw - Eddie Perry -

Rodney Adkisson - and Phil Nation) have made the

following arrangements for our Class Reunion:


Each person should make your own hotel reservations

and take care of your own expenses.  Our class funds

have already been spent.  We have no 'class money'. 

Everyone will be responsible for their own room/meals.


May 26th - Friday Evening

We will gather at the Holiday Inn in Blytheville

so that we can 'meet and greet' each other in a very

casual manner from 5:00 to 6:00 PM on Friday May 26th.

You can be comfortable, stay relaxed, and have fun.

Evening dinner arrangements will be up to each

individual, couple, and/or group.


May 27th - Saturday Evening

We will gather at the Dixie Pig from 5:00 to 6:00 PM

Saturday evening.  The Dixie Pig closes at 8:00 PM.

Eat what you want and sit around with our classmates

and talk about the good old days - evening activities

are up to you.


Our planning group hopes these simple arrangements

will meet with your expectations and desires.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the big

city of Blytheville May 26th. 


Until then - let's get ready to meet for our 60th Reunion

in Blytheville and here's wishing the best to all our

BHS Class Of 1957.


Phil Nation


Cell Phone:   901-412-4076